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The Root Children
by Sibylle Von Olfers

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I like it because they use a lot of root things

101 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Reptiles
by April Jones Prince

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Great for the little dinosaur lover in your life!

The Bookshop Penelope Fitzgerald
by Penelope Fitzgerald, Pearl Hewitt, Narrator

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Not Everyone Loves a Good Book Florence Green learns this the hard way. She is so gung ho on bringing her love of books to Hardborough that she doesn't stop to question why in the ten years she has lived here, there hasn't been a bookshop or even a lending library. The story goes on to relate what this lack of foresight costs her.

Olympians Vs Titans
by Jessica Gunderson

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i like the book because it showed three people you could be- Prometheus, Cronus, and Zeus . It shows the Olympians vs titans having a big battle.

by Kate Brown, Susan Ericksen, Narrator

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In the aftermath of WWII, during the Cold War, in the arms race to develop an atomic bomb, both Russia and the U.S. installed fully subsidized atomic cities. These were Big Brother communities, sworn to secrecy. What better way to live thought the fully employed workers and their families. Time passed, nuclear accidents occurred endangering the health of the workers, their families, animals, land, and even rivers. When seeking restitution, they were accused of fake news,and in some cases, removed and never heard from again. Even today, there are coverups, and the author, Kate Brown, is scoffed at, as if she has an overactive imagination.

Uncommon Type
by Tom Hanks,Author/Narrater

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Author, Tom Hanks, uses typewriters as a metaphor for the various kinds of people who make up the world. Some of the stories such as the first story which begins and ends the book are interlocking. The old adage that it takes all kind of people to make a world are shown clearly in this engrossing anthology.

So Not Happening
by Jenny B. Jones

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This was a great read! I loved this book so much and am so glad there are other books in the series!

The First Wave
by Alex Kershaw

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President Eisenhower summed up accurately what this book is about when he told Walter Cronkite: ".... for one purpose only. Not to gain anything for ourselves, not to fulfill any ambitions America had for conquest, but to preserve freedom." It accurately describes what the Allies endured, what they sacrificed to preserve freedom. Hiw many of us would not have been born without their courage and determination?

Where The Red Fern Grows
by Wilson Rawls

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Childhood Days With extraordinary stamina, Billy sets out to buy a hound dog for coon hunting. After two years, he has saved enough money and with the help of his grandfather buys not one, but two dogs - Old Dan and Little Ann. The Reader follows along as he relates childhood memories of the times and adventures that he and the dogs shared. A book that captures the Reader's attention from beginning until the end.

Everything Here Is Beautiful By Mira T. Lee
by Mira T Lee

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Excellent story of the bond between sisters

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