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There There Tommy Orange
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It's been over a century since the last Indian War, tribes fighting and pillaging villages. Tommy Orange begins his book by telling how the white man committed atrocious acts upon the Indians. He gones on to explore the question could Native Americans relive the former: Indians massacring Indians? Through their stories each Native American leads the reader to the answer. Or as James Baldwin states: "People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them."

Before We Were Yours
by Lisa Wingate

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Excellent book. Good history lesson.

Fire And Heist
by Sarah Beth Durst

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Really good so far.

The !ine that Held Us
by David Joy

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Darl Moody is poaching. Suddenly he spots something big on four legs, grey and low to the ground. He shoots and is overjoyed when he fells the animal. Moving closer he realizes he has shot and killed Carol, Sissy, Brewer, brother of Dwayne Brewer, the meanest man around. With the aid of his best friend, Calvin Hooper, they bury the body. Darl reasons that by keeping the murder silent, he protects his family who would be destitute without his help. End of story. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Cat In The Hat
by Dr Seuss Books

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read to mom

How To Survive Middle School
by Donna Gephart

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This is a pretty good book! It's about this boy named David, and he's going into Middle School. And he has all sorts of new drama in his life now! and between an ex-best friend, a new GIRL best friend, and a heartbreaking hamster, David is learning how to survive Middle School!

Well Witched
by Frances Hardinge

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frilly confusing and frekey?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Fire And Heist
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Great book, I finished it in 7 days. It is an amazing book and I recommend it to anyone who loves dragons and adventure.

by Suzanne Collins

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the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy finds our heroine in her darkest hours. District 12 is gone, destroyed by the Capitol and their firebombs. Peeta, Johanna, Annie and Enobaria have been seized by the Capitol. Katniss didn't even know she was being rescued from the arena of the 75th Hunger Games until she was gone. The rebels of District 13 have been watching her from the start, and they knew she could inspire rebellion in the other districts and overthrow the Capitol, if she used her influence over the people correctly. She has become a pawn in a much bigger game than the Hunger Games, and she will only be able to save Peeta from the Capitol if she agrees to give up everything for the rebels, and become their weapon to use. There is no way around it: Katniss Everdeen must become the rebel's mockingjay, or everyone she loves will pay the price...

Anne Of Green Gables
by L.m. Montgomery

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This book is amazing!! I have read it at least 3 times.

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