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Participate online or pick up a Bingo card for your age group (Pre-Reader, Kid, Teen, or Adult) in the library.

Read, engage, and explore the library this summer as you complete squares on your card (online or paper) to work toward BINGOs and chances to win prizes!

Limit one Bingo card, whether online or paper, per participant.


Each participant will receive a participation prize (while supplies last) as well as entry in the Final Prize Drawing for their age group. Once registered to participate online, you are eligible to pick up your participation prize at the library. The participation prizes are a coloring tote and book for Pre-Readers, a lunch bag for Kids, a tumbler for Teens, and a sustainable snack pack for Adults.

Each participant is also entered into a Grand Prize Drawing. Early Bird winners & Final Prize winners are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing.

Mark all completed boxes to complete your Bingo card by 11:59pm on Saturday, June 29, 2024 to be entered into an Early Bird Prize Drawing for your age group. Early Bird Prize Winners cannot win a Final Prize Drawing for their age group, but are eligible for the Grand Prize Drawing.

Early Bird & Final Prize winners (one winner per age group) each win a $50 gift card to their choice of The Crunchy Pickle, Dairy Queen, Historic Howell Theater, or Visa. One Grand Prize winner will win a $100 Visa gift card.

All prizes are to be picked up from the Howell Library.


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