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So Not Happening
by Jenny B. Jones

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This book is about a teenage girl, Bella, who moves from Manhattan, New York, to Truman, Oklahoma, on a farm. Along with the help of God and her new friends, Bella adjusts to the constant struggles and mishaps of living in the country.

Driving Lessons Zoe Fishman
by Zoe Fishman

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My Dog Pulls What Do I Do
by Turid Rugaas

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If you want to train your dog not to pull this book is for you. Unlike other books that tell you how to leash train your dog, this book doesn’t require you to punish your dog or try to be the top dog/ alpha. Which is great because your supposed to be a pup parent not your pups alpha. This a great read.

Inky: Seeing Eye Dog
by Elizabeth P. Heppner

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If you are an animal lover this is for you. But honestly I don’t know where you can find it because it is so old.

Anne Of Green Gables
by L.m. Montgomery

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This book is amazing!! I have read it at least 3 times.

A Heartbeat Away
by Michael Palmer

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Great Book. Was suspenseful from the beginning and had sufficient twists and turns to keep it fresh and me not wanting to wait to read the next chapter. So well-written it (unfortunately) began to seem all too realistic.

Redemption David Baldacci
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Audio book: riveting!

SuperKids: The Powers Emerge
by Katie Y

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This is a book by my cousin Katie, and it is awesome! Summary: "When seven children (Abby, Caroline, Charlotte, Ryan, Katie Y, Katie M, and Austin) have a magical dream, they begin to discover their true potential in the realm of superheroes. But not all of them are using their powers for good...are some things really better left alone?" Five stars, cuz, five stars!!!

Shadow Baby
by Mcghee

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A wonderful book telling the story of a young girl and her relationship with a neighbor.

The Dude Wrangler
by Caroline Lockhard

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This was a comical story set in the 1920's, in both Florida and Wyoming. It follows the life of a young man who lives with his wealthy aunt and isn't gainfully employed. When challenged by an outspoken woman who happens to be staying at the same hotel, the young man "breaks free" and moves to Wyoming to become a farmer, something he knows nothing about. A delightful read.

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